NRA Lights

1.Title:-Led stripp light 12v-2835-120 led per meter

This Flexible led stripp light comes with many more unique Features such as it is cutable from every meter and gives the same brightness as previous and as it is IP 20 And It comes in Its various variants such as white,warm white, red, green, pink, yellow,iceblue, natural white and the led colour Tempreature of 2835 120 bulb stripp is white’s Tempreature is 6000 warm white’s Tempreature is 3000 and natural white’s 4000 and the width of the 120 brighter bulb’s is 10 mm and the input voltage which are required for the Stripp is 12V DC And As We are the Brand In this Category So therefore we provide 1 year free Warrenty with This Light this stripp is needed an smps to operate it can not be just put in the board Directly this Shining Light Comes With The Senson Compatibility and it does have the 20000 hours of Long life and the led chip light that is ued in it is SMD and it does have 1000 Lumens Per meter and the Gross weigh of it is 0.02 kg and the master box of it is 500 mtrs which comes to 100 pcs


This Par light is basically called a flat par Illuminate  18led 3w rgb and This RGB Stage glowing Can Have Different kind of Appearance  such as Red/Green/Blue/Multi and Much More and all can sparkes much brighter that you’ll have a great experience This par light is easily installable and can be used on the dance floor of atleast 30 foot long and 30 foot wide.

This compact mini par light is very lightweight and highly brighted and it is used for Disco,bars,wedding stages,club,church christmas etc.It is also Amazing for the Night shows,comedy events and the specifications of it is described as follow:-

Its power supply :-is AC110-240V/50-60HZ AND THE

Power Consumtion is:-70W and the 

control mode is:-Auto-run,Master/Slave,sound-Active,DMX

3.Title:-12V Flexible Waterproof Neon Strip Light

Neon 5 mtr led light roll is the best decorative light,which comes with an affordable price for Festivals purpose and it is widely used in Ceilings,at Homes,Offices,Diwali,Eid,and christmas,Birthday parties,Stage Decoration and these wall lights is cuttable and very flexible to use and 600LEDs Creates An impressive experience for the user and the lighting inspires your imagination by creating different shapes, yes you read it right you can makle the customise boards of neon 5 mtr flex lights and these boards gives stunning lighting effects.

this neon cristmas rope is waterproof IP65 and made of the IP65 Technology that makes it waterproof ,available to use in the Rain,swimming pool and the material that is used to build this 12V Neon is Safer silicon material and as it is Heavily used rope such as in kitchen cabinet lighting bookcase area,tv cabinets,wardrob,Garden area,pantry.

and It is made using high components which are long lasting in nature and these componetns are pretty suitable for lighting and decoration purpose and this led rope light works with 12V Direct Current which makes it very less Heated safe and it is touchable for kids and Adults.